Chronicles of the Sword Review

Chronicles of the Sword Review

Chronicles of the Sword takes a classic approach to a classic story—and manages to accomplish very little in the process.

(PS1) CHRONICLES OF THE SWORD. WalkThrough With Commentary Part 1

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A Full game WalkThrough of CHRONICLES OF THE SWORD With Commentary

Chronicles of the Sword is a sword and sorcery adventure game created by Synthetic Dimensions and produced and released by Psygnosis in 1996 for the PC DOS and Sony PlayStation platforms.

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CiB Let’s Try – Chronicles of the Sword (PS1)

Playstation 1 is truly the ‘Wild West’ of video game systems. In the early days of 3D, it seemed like every developer tried to throw their hat into the massively popular PS1 ring and produced some of the most random, odd games of all-time. Recently, we sat down with a stack of PS1 games we never heard of, and the results are… unsurprising.

Chronicles of the Sword was released in 1996 by our favorite publisher – Psygnosis – and developed by Synthetic Dimensions. They mostly worked on semi-known PC games, so its unsurprising that Chronicles of the Sword released first on PC, then was brought to PS1 a few months later.

Chronicles of the Sword certainly plays like a PC game that was ported to PS1, and really deserved to just stay on PC. I want so desperately to like games like these, but look at this: I played for 11 minutes, which I understand isn’t an eternity, but I have no idea where to go… at the very beginning of the game. Maybe it’s me being small brain, but games like this make me go numb. I want to know if it’s actually good for an adventure/3rd-person-Myst-type-game, so comment below if you played the PC version, or even just specifically like or dislike the PS1 port! Thanks for watching.

Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles – Kickstarter Unboxing

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Unboxing of the full version of the Ancient Chronicles Legendary Pledge, including the optional “Gold Bundle”. “Bronze Bundle” contents are also presented at the end of the video (00:27:35).

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