Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Cheats For Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PC

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Cheats For Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PC

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Lightning Returns: Fintal Fantasy XIII – Review

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII successfully reinvents the series’ combat, but forgets why we loved these characters.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Walkthrough (Playstation 3 & Xbox 360)

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Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Developer: Square Enix

The story of Lightning Returns is set after the stories of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. In XIII, Lightning is one of six people who are turned by a fal’Cie – one of a godlike race – into l’Cie, servants of the fal’Cie gifted with magical powers and a ‘Focus’—an assigned task to be completed within a time limit; those that succeed in their Focus go into crystal stasis, while those that fail turn into monsters called Cie’th. The six were intended to cause the large, floating sphere named Cocoon to fall into the world below, named Gran Pulse, killing all of the humans of Cocoon. At the finale of the game, two of the l’Cie transformed into a crystal pillar to support Cocoon, preventing the catastrophe. The remaining l’Cie were made human again by the Goddess Etro, the deity responsible for maintaining the balance between the mortal world and the Unseen Realm. In XIII-2, it is revealed that Etro’s interference allowed chaos, an energy trapped in the netherworld since the earliest times, to escape and distort the timeline as written after the fall of Cocoon. Lightning was drawn to Valhalla, Etro’s citadel, and decided to stay and act as her protector. Three years after Cocoon’s fall, Lightning’s sister Serah sets out to correct the distortions and reunite with her sister, while the people of Gran Pulse construct a new Cocoon, since the old one is destined to collapse. The protagonists unwittingly end up instigating the death of Etro, which allows chaos to spill into the mortal world and bring an end to time itself. Serah also dies, causing Lightning to nearly lose hope. Reassured by her sister’s spirit, Lightning chooses to enter crystal stasis to preserve her sister’s memory and keep hope alive. Relive classic space exploration: play starflight innovation online!

Lightning Returns is set five hundred years after the ending of XIII-2, during the final thirteen days of the world’s existence. Because of the unleashing of chaos, the world of Gran Pulse and the Unseen Realm were fused into a single landmass called Nova Chrysalia. The new Cocoon, called “Bhunivelze” after the key deity of the XIII universe, acts as the world’s moon. Over the intervening centuries, two opposing religions have formed and dominate the life of Nova Chrysalia’s people: The Order, that worships Bhunivelze, and a rebel cult called the Children of Etro, who worship the Goddess. The world itself is divided into four regions, each dominated by a specific mood or environment. The city of Luxerion is a capital of worship whose people are loyal to the Order. The pleasure capital of Yusnaan is a city of revelry where people live in a constant state of celebration. The Dead Dunes is a desert area dominated by ruins, where relics linked to Bhunivelze are believed to rest. The Wildlands is an untamed area where the human city of Academia used to stand; it also houses the remains of Valhalla, the capital of Etro. Within the New Cocoon is the Ark, a zone where time is frozen. (Source Wikipedia)


A guide to stat maxing efficiently in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Steam Guide:

0:00 – Intro
1:55 – Sample Run
16:07 – Maxed Stat Character Demonstration
17:57 – Pushing Past the Limits
19:24 – Calculations
21:20 – Outro

Lightning Returns FF13 – Cheat Showcase

Amusing video about some of the places you can when you can jump very very high.