Mario Is Missing! Cheats For NES Super Nintendo

Mario Is Missing! Cheats For NES Super Nintendo

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Super Mario Bros. World 9 & Hidden Levels From A-Z! NES Nintendo Video Game Review – Irate Gamer

Super Mario Bros. World 9 & Hidden Levels From A-Z! NES Nintendo Video Game Review – Irate Gamer

I covered this topic before, but the entire 4 part episode has been reworked into the Irate Gamer format. Some pretty cool Hidden levels in this video!

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CGRundertow MARIO IS MISSING! for SNES / Super Nintendo Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Mario is Missing! for the Super Nintendo. It was also released for the NES and PC. Luigi’s first starring role in a Super Mario game unfortunately happens to be one of the worst Mario games ever made. Intended to be an educational geography game, you have to recover artifacts that were stolen from various famous landmarks around the world by Bowser and his Koopa minions, and then you must answer quiz questions to proceed. Yoshi comes along to help you navigate, but sadly this game is beyond help. Mario is missing for good reason in this case. This review features Mario is Missing! gameplay footage and commentary from CGRundertow reviewer Kevin.

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Mario Is Missing SNES | Live 100% Playthrough

Full playthrough of Mario is Missing for the SNES! Aren’t you excited?

Luigi uses pipes in Bowser’s castle to visit cities in the real world that have had famous artifacts stolen by the koopalings. He must recover them and answer questions about them, which somehow proves that they are real. Learning what city he is in lets him call Yoshi and finish the stage to return to the castle and continue to save Mario. This educational, “edutainment” SNES game is probably well-known for being a bad game, but I remember it being enjoyable. Don’t play the NES version.

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Super Mario Bros. – All Cheats, Secrets, & Tricks

Learn every cheat, secret, and trick that you need to know to become a master of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System! What may initially seem like a fairly straightforward and simple game actually has a lot of secrets hidden within for those who dare search for them. Learn how to access the warp zones and minus world, find every single 1up mushroom, get fireworks at the end of every level, continue from where you left off after getting a Game Over, jump over a flagpole, and even shoot fireballs as small Mario! This is the ultimate guide for those who want to be the ultimate Super Mario Bros. player! Play SMB for the NES like you’ve never played it before!

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