Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares Cheats For PC Macintosh

Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares Cheats For PC Macintosh

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Master of Orion 2: World Record Score of 21,236 on Impossible. Full Playthrough.

Salute, comrades!
So recently I developed this new tactic in one of my favorites “Master of Orion 2” game, which allows you to get a ridiculously high score.
So consider this video as a strategy guide as well as proof of getting this high score fair and fair. Also, some tips on how to achieve even higher scores.

Masters of Orion 2 – Godly Doom Star

One Doom Star vs 86 Doom Stars and 13 Titans (Max 99 ships per battle)

-Fraps sucks at recording this. Screen flickering everywhere

There was no cheating and this was done on the Impossible Difficulty. I played politics and became everyone’s bitch for the entire game. I don’t know how many turns it took to get this far but it was roughly 3 played hours give or take.

Through trading technology and minding my own business I got to hyper advanced tech V in Physics, Fields, Construction and Power for maximum miniaturization and maximum space allowed on your ships.

Gauss cannons are far superior to any other small weapon this late in the game as the AI has upgraded and refitted all of their ships to have Hard Shields and all shield piercing weapons become totally useless.

I also did not over expand to minimize the event that an Antaren attack could wipe out a planet of mine and only defended myself with a couple of battleships refitted for ship capture.

I built one titan with similar configuration to my Doom Star to capture Orion to get their leader and promptly scrapped his ship and the titan to construct the Doom Star.

I tried this scenario multiple times to try to force the AI to combine all of their ships, so I could fight 100 doom stars but they wouldn’t cooperate. This was the most “dangerous fleet” I could get them to put together.

Master of Orion 2 Live Stream

Hey! Check out this awesome FNAF game I found. I got a wisdom tooth pulled Thursday and my mouth is swollen, so I can’t do heavy commentary. I thought I’d play MOO2 because it’s fairly laid back as opposed to something like PVP Heroes 3. Also I haven’t played it in a while.

Version 1.50.19:

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