The Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook Releases This November, Up For Preorder Now

The Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook Releases This November, Up For Preorder Now

This cookbook was rumored last month and now it’s official: The Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook: The Essential Culinarian Guide to Hydaelyn is releasing this November.

Dango – Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook

From the Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook is Dango. A chewy rice dumpling with matcha and strawberry flavors. This version is a little weak on the flavoring. I feel it needed more sugar and strawberry. It did have a wonderful texture and mouthfeel but was underwhelming in flavor.

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Let’s Mosey: A Slow Translation Of Final Fantasy VII: Part Ten

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VII in Japanese and English at the same time time. I have been making videos chronicling the tiny differences between the scripts. This is the penultimate episode of my series.

In this episode, we’ll befriend a vampire, study rocket science, and be locked in an amusement park.

Note: this series is not a “retranslation” or a criticism of the original translation. It is my opinion as a person who once studied linguistics that no such thing as a “perfect” translation can possibly exist between two languages. The aim of my “suggestions” in this series is solely to gift you, the viewer, with the experience of fluently understanding the work in its original language.

Final Fantasy Free Company How to Join an FC

Today I wanted to make a video in final fantasy about how to join a free company. Joining a free company really changed my experience in final fantasy so much! I was able to join a group of friends in an fc and play together with themwhich made a huge difference and how I played the game.

FFXIV Guide – How to Buy and Start Playing Final Fantasy XIV (UPDATED – Check video description)

*UPDATE* – Endwalker has launched, following a two-week delay from its original release. Shadowbringers and the old Complete Edition are no longer available for purchase from official sources. If you buy the Complete Edition from an official source now, it will include all expansions including Endwalker. Be especially wary of buying the Complete Edition from unofficial sources because you may be buying the version without Endwalker. It is no longer possible to pre-order Endwalker or obtain the pre-order bonus items. Buying Endwalker immediately gives you the Stormblood and Shadowbringers expansions.The rest of this guide other than the “Expansions” and “Endwalker” sections is still accurate.

*UPDATE 2* – Square Enix has temporarily suspended sales of Complete Edition and Starter Edition and has also temporarily suspended new registrations for the free trial. This decision was made in response to server congestion so severe that most players encounter an hour or more of wait time just to log into the game. No one has any predictions on when this suspension will be lifted, but it means that for now there is no official way to buy and start playing Final Fantasy XIV, making this guide’s existence somewhat awkward. It should still be possible to buy a physical copy or digital key from an unofficial source, but it would have to be unused, and there is still the danger that the Complete Edition would not include the Endwalker expansion.

*UPDATE 3* – Digital sales of Complete Edition and Starter Edition are planned to resume on January 26. Oceania servers are also coming online on the same day.

*UPDATE 4* – Sales have resumed, and Oceania servers are live.

*UPDATE 5* (Feb 22) Registration for the free trial is now available again.

*UPDATE 6* The workaround I mentioned in Chapter 5 no longer works. You cannot use the non-Steam client if you purchased the game through Steam. You must log in using the Steam’s version of the client. If you want, you can kill Steam after you have successfully logged in.

FFXIV has seen a lot of growth throughout 2021, and many more players are expected to join as we near the launch of its fourth expansion, Endwalker. But it can be unexpectedly difficult to find answers to very basic questions about which version to buy and how to log into your account. If you are new to the game or are considering trying the game out, I hope that this guide helps you.

You can sign up for FFXIV’s free trial here:

FFXIVQuickLauncher can be downloaded from I cannot personally vouch for its effectiveness or safety.

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00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Subscription
00:56 – Expansions
01:20 – Endwalker
02:13 – Platforms
03:01 – Collector’s Edition
03:43 – Logging In
04:52 – Installation
05:20 – Ending

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